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Interactive Design
February - July 2019

People with visual impairment are more prone to experience social difficulty due to an often preconceived prejudice as well as stereotypes formed around people with blindness. (Brunes, Hansen, & Heir, 2019)

Learnum is a 3D, blindfolded version of Twister that allows people to experience blindness in a playful, interactive manner. The game includes foam shapes that players have to try and find to position themselves on. The game is aimed at younger children from 5-10 as this is the stage of development where children are getting more of a grasp of the world and how it properly works, but their minds are still very open to change.

Brunes, A., Hansen, M. B., & Heir, T. (2019, February 1). Loneliness among adults with visual impairment: prevalence, associated factors, and relationship to life satisfaction . Retrieved from Health and Quality of Life Outcomes:

This project helped me shape my initial PI&V. With the idea of play to learn, I thought about teaching children about disabilities, giving them insight into them and their challenges. The way it was thought about was that, by explaining them at such a young age, when the kids come across it in the future, they will be able to relate to others and help. I enjoyed designing for a “marginalized” target group and helping society understand in a way. By doing this, I feel that it will impact the following generations to grow as a community. This project affected my development moving forward.