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Interaction Design
February - April 2020

Habits that cause disturbance in the sleeping schedule can cause feelings of exhaustion all day and might lead to them not being able to concentrate and be productive. The ClockDockWake alarm is soothing. The tangible surface of the flaps, which are soft, give feedback to the user, to show them that they can pet it. Having it placed next to the bed at the height of the hand with a spherical shape gives the feeling of petting just like petting a cat. It provides a rich experience, as it creates a feeling of familiarity and increases a feeling of ease and calmness, helping the user achieve healthier sleeping habits.

Aesthetics of interaction was greatly focused on the interaction between the user and product. As I consider interaction an essential part of design, this course has helped me become a well-rounded designer with a deeper understanding of how interactions work. By learning how important interaction is when creating, a new objective was created, I wanted to create simple prototypes, with intuitive interactions, as being so natural and tangible that there will be barely any instructions needed for the user.