Jan 2022 - Present

What is SyncVR?

SyncVR Medical aims to improve healthcare with extended reality (XR) (VR/AR) through the largest XR healthcare platform in Europe, offering a library of medical XR software applications. Such as applications to decrease pain, anxiety, and medication, or to train medical professionals through XR training simulations.

Projects done

During my internship I designed three interfaces seen below.

Horizon IC

The Horizon IC platform is a collaboration with Erasmus University Medical Center located in Rotterdam, NL.

When a patient is in the intensive care unit (ICU) they can develop post-intensive care syndrome (PICS). It is a collection of physical, mental and emotional symptoms that continue to persist after a patient leaves the ICU.

With the platform, the patient is able to revisit their stay in the ICU and understand what happened to them. This helps battle the cognitive and emotional symptoms.

Relax & Distract

This platform was designed to relax and distract patients while medical procedures are done (like giving a vaccine to a kid). In addition, it can be used to distract long-term patients that are stuck inside the hospital.

It consists of 360 videos and animated environments. I focused on designing the download system. The user should be able to download and delete the content easily, see information about the video (description, duration...) and overall information about the device.

PICO Gallery

PICO Gallery is the main interaction users will have when entering the SyncVR program. All programs offered are found in the gallery with name, description and duration (for corresponding apps).

From this screen users also set device settings such as the language, Wi-Fi and version number.