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Student Team EFFECT

Marketing & Sustainability Project
September - June 2022

The student team vision was to create a completely sustainable festival where the challenges of sustainability are shown in an enjoyable and exciting light. The team that started in September 2020 with 13 members has overcome multiple challenges in organizing the festival Eb & Vloed such as COVID.

There were many positions to fill, the main ones that I worked on were; program, partnering and locations. Throughout these tasks I focused on the program we would want to present in the festival, seeing apps and activities that would fulfil the main goal of connecting people. As I wanted to increase my business skills, I contacted possible partners, such as companies and students teams that the location group had selected. Lastly, the locations group. We were in charge of creating the layout of the place to present to attendees. For this, maquettes were done that displayed how the festival would be and give an idea of the environment and feel attendees will have when they go.

The challenge of sustainability is something that is important to me and is part of my professional identity and vision which is why I decided to join Team EFFECT. Another reason that drew me to enter the team was that we were going to get in touch with partners to organize this event, making it able for me to also progress in the area of business and enterprise. 

By being able to plan the festival and all of its components, it has opened paths in my study to learn how to communicate with clients, efficiently plan and, create and organize many aspects of everything that encompasses the festival.